The Parish Council provides allotments on Pilley Lane.
The Parish Council publishes a pseudonymised copy of the allotment waiting list. This is updated regularly.
The waiting list is split into two parts. Part A covers people on the waiting list who are Parish residents. Part B covers people who live within 1 mile of the Parish boundary.
Priority in allocating allotments is given to Parish residents.
Due to Data Protection laws the Parish Council cannot publish the names of people on the waiting list. Instead we provide a number to each person. It is this number that we then publish so that people can tell how many people are on the waiting list.
Allotment holders have to comply with the allotment rules. These are updated regularly to take account of changing practices and issues identified by allotment holders. A copy of the allotment rules is below.
If you are interested in an allotment please contact the Clerk at clerk@tankersleypc.org

The Allotment Waiting List As at 28 February 2022

20220222 – A01 20220223 – B01


Although the Parish Council does not have any legal duty or responsibility to maintain the footpaths throughout the Parish, there are some beautiful walks and trails in the Parish for residents and visitors to the Parish to enjoy.

Pilley Pocket Park

Pilley Pocket Park is maintained by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.
Within Pilley Pocket Park are tennis courts, table tennis, a MUGA and the Parish Council’s beacon. It is the venue for the annual bonfire and many summer events.

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park is maintained by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. The Park is located across the road from St Peter’s Primary School on Westwood New Road in Tankersley.
Although small it contains the Tankersley Centenary War Memorial Bench. This bench was designed by a pupil at St Peter’s Primary School in 2018.

The Plantation and Woodland

Broad Ings Wood and the nearby Potters Hole Plantation are lovely woods within walking distance of Tankersely and Pilley.
Potters Hole Plantation has been declared as a local nature reserve by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and is managed by Parks Services. It is semi-ancient woodland that has been developed in and around old bell pits plus newer planted woodland on a reclaimed colliery site.