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Tankersley Parish Council

Key People

Tankersley Parish Council is made up of 9 councillors, one of which is the overall Chair, and the Clerk.
Councillors have a legally defined role with responsibilities and are entirely unpaid with only minimal expenses being paid.
Councillors are elected every 4 years, usually at the same time as local government elections. The elections for 4 May 2023 were non-contested. The next election will take place in May 2027. There are currently 2 vacancies on the Council which will be filled by co-option.

The Chair

Although the Chair is one of the Parish Councillors, a Parish Council must in law have a Chair and cannot conduct any business without one.
The Chair is elected by members of the Parish Council annually at the Annual Parish Council Meeting.
The Chair is responsible for ensuring that effective and lawful decisions are taken at meetings of the Parish Council and, assisted by the Clerk, guides activities by managing the meetings of the Parish Council.
The Chair is responsible for involving all councillors in discussion and ensuring that councillors keep to the point. The Chair summarises the debate and facilitates the making of clear resolutions and is responsible for keeping discussions moving so that the meeting is not too long. Their first vote is a personal vote as a member of the Parish Council. If there is a tied vote, the Chair can have a second, casting vote.
The Chair on their own has no power to make decisions without the Resolution of the Parish Council.
The Chair will often be the public face of the Parish Council and will represent it at official events. The Chair may be asked to speak on behalf of the Parish Council in such circumstances the Chair should only express the agreed views of the Parish Council and not their personal views.
The Chair of Tankersley Parish Council is Cllr Helen Reckless.

The Clerk

The role of the Clerk is to ensure that the Parish Council as a whole conducts its business properly (in accordance with the law on how parish councils should operate) and to provide independent, objective and professional advice and support.
The Clerk will be the Parish Council’s Proper Officer. This is a role defined in legislation and as such the Clerk is under a statutory duty to carry out all the functions, and in particular to serve or issue all the notifications required by law of a local Authority’s Proper Officer.
The Clerk is expected to advise the Parish Council on, and assist in the formation of, overall policies to be followed in respect of its activities and in particular to produce all the information required for making effective decisions and to implement constructively all decisions.
The Clerk looks after how the Parish Council operates as a council – its overall governance, the policies/procedures, terms of reference etc.
These do not include how a Parish Council operates as an employer – that lies with the whole Parish Council.
At meetings of the Parish Council, Parish Councillors vote on resolutions. These are in effect what the Parish Council wishes to do. The Clerk is totally responsible for ensuring that the instructions of the Parish Council in connection with its function as a Local Authority are carried out.
The Clerk is often also the Responsible Financial Officer. This role is also defined in the legislation. As Responsible Financial Officer the Clerk is responsible for all financial records of the Parish Council and the careful administration of its finances.
The Clerk to Tankersley Parish Council is Siani Allan.
You can contact the Clerk by phone on 
By email at clerk@tankersleypc.org
By post at 54 Somersby Avenue, Doncaster DN5 8HB

Your Parish Councillors

Below are details of your Parish Councillors and their completed Register of Interests as required by the Localism Act 2011.

Your Ward Councillors

Tankersley is represented by 3 councillors from Penistone East ward and 1 councillor from Rockingham ward on Barnsley MBC.


David White

Rockingham Ward


Robert Barnard

Penistone East


Paul Hand-Davis

Penistone East


John Wilson

Penistone East

Can I be a Parish Councillor?

To stand for election on a parish council, you must:
  • be a UK or commonwealth citizen, or;
  • be a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, or;
  • be a least 18 years old.
To be eligible to stand for an election for a particular parish, you must:
  • be an elector of the parish, or;
  • for the whole of the previous 12 months have occupied (as owner or tenant) land or other premises in the parish, or;
  • during the previous 12 months have worked in the parish (as your principal or only place of work), or;
  • for the whole of the previous 12 months lived in the parish or within three miles of the parish boundary.

councillor vacancies

Sometimes casual vacancies occur during the four year cycle and these can be filled, either by election or by co-option.
Co-option is used when an election is not called – you submit your name with other applicants to the Parish Council; they vote for their choice to fill the vacancy.

register your interests