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If you’re interested in identifying the amenities our community needs and working with Parish Council to try and obtain them then register your interest in joining the Amenities Working Group.

To register your interest in joining the Amenities Working Group contact the Clerk on:-

The first meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 17th August at 7.00pm in the Senior Citizens Room of the Welfare Hall.

Amenities Working Group

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Over the last 3 months Tankersley Parish Councillors have been piloting Councillor Clinics. The last one, as part of the pilot will take place on 17th August at 6.00pm in the Senior Citizens Room of the Welfare Hall

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The next Ordinary Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 19 July at 7pm in the Senior Citizens Room of the Welfare Hall. If you wish to attend please contact the Clerk. If you wish to ask a question please send your question to the Clerk before noon on 19 July.
The Agenda for the meeting is below and also in the Agenda section of the Website

TPC Agenda 19 July 2021

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Over the next few months we are running a number of drop in clinics to listen to your feedback, hear your questions and note any concerns.

The next two sessions will be held from 6.00pm on

13th July, and

17th August

The meetings will be face to face in the Senior Citizens Room at the Welfare Hall.

Due to Covid restrictions you will need to register your interest to attend with Catherine the Parish Clerk contact

Catherine will create a loose timetable to ensure we stick to Covid guidelines and can meet safely.

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The Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2020 -2021 has been authorised by Tankersley Parish Council at the Ordinary Parish Meeting of 21st June 2021.
The documents have now been submitted to PKF Littlejohn, the auditors appointed by Tankersley Parish Council.
From 24th June – 6th August members of the public may examine the documents. Details about the timeframe and the conditions are set down below along with the AGAR documents that have been submitted to the auditor.
TPC Confirmation-of-Public-Dates

TPC Completed AGAR 2020-2021 for submission

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The Parish Council is pleased to welcome David Crossley and Lindsey Greaves on to the Parish Council.

David and Lindsey are both residents of the village and are passionate about helping the community.

The Parish Council is looking forward to working together with the new councillors to take forward projects that will enhance and improve the village environment.

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