Notice of Vacancies by Co-Option

The 2 vacancies for Parish Councillors will be filled by co-option. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please complete the application form on this website and e-mail it to the Clerk at TPC Cooption Notice

Celebrating the End of Lockdown 14 August 2021

Face painting  was a popular The band and the refreshments provided at the Welfare Hall were much appreciated Animals from the Minifarm       The colourful balloons at the entrance to the bowling green   An unfortunate moment at the bouncy castle


The notices about the 2 vacancies for councillors on Tankersley Parish Council are now on all 3 of the Parish Council noticeboards.

Scarecrow Fun

Scarecrows are appearing around the parish. Join in the fun. Build a scarecrow and enter it in the competition and win a prize. To enter contact the Clerk by 20 August.   .

Agenda – Ordinary Parish Council Meeting 16th August 2021

The Agenda for the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting to be held on 16th August 2021 is now available and will be on the parish noticeboards later today. Please note the meeting will not be open to the public until 7.30pm Please contact the Clerk if you wish to attend and submit any questions to the […]

First Meeting of the Amenities Working Group – 17th August 7.00pm

If you’re interested in identifying the amenities our community needs and working with Parish Council to try and obtain them then register your interest in joining the Amenities Working Group. To register your interest in joining the Amenities Working Group contact the Clerk on:- The first meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 17th […]

Councillor Clinic – 17th August

Over the last 3 months Tankersley Parish Councillors have been piloting Councillor Clinics. The last one, as part of the pilot will take place on 17th August at 6.00pm in the Senior Citizens Room of the Welfare Hall