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Replacement of benches in Tankersley and Pilley – your chance to vote

The Parish Council are undertaking replacement of the benches around the Tankersley and Pilley area. This will be completed in order of popularity/use.

As residents of Tankersley and Pilley we would like you, the community, to vote as to which benches are priority. Please do so by emailing clerk@tankersleypc.org with the location of the bench you are voting for replacement.

In total we have 25 benches, replacement of each bench costs the Parish Council in excess of £1,000. For the time being we are aiming to replace the top 6, as voted by yourselves.

In addition, if anyone residing within the parish wishes to support this project by part-sponsoring a bench (minimum sponsorship is £100) please email the clerk at clerk@tankersleypc.org. With sponsorship you will be able to attach a plaque to your sponsored bench.