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Planning application 2020/0647: Hermes site: unable to appeal on web site

Many residents have had difficulty responding / appealing to the Hermes planning application 2020/0647.

Currently the developer is to build a T junction on Tankersley Lane allowing industrial traffic access to our area and blocking our direct access to the common.
BMBC offered an “AHEAD ONLY” solution “straight through only” traffic light controlled crossroads enabling control on industrial traffic and access to the common for locals

To have any chance of maintaining what residents voted for (option 2 on briefing communication) then we must write to:


stating we want Tankersley Lane to be maintained open for local traffic and controlled by a straight through traffic light system “Ahead only system”.

See below an email from Barnsley Council advising a parish councillor that You can communicate as advised above.

To get what you asked for needs as many of you to write in TODAY IMMEDIATELY.

Email from Barnsley Council
From: DevelopmentControl & DevelopmentManagement
Subject: RE: 2020/0647 Planning Application Consultation
Date: 25 August 2020 at 09:38:21 BST To:
Good morning
You can submit comments to this email address
Kind regards
Development Management
Regeneration and Culture, Place Directorate Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
PO Box 634 S70 9GG

The link to the application: https://wwwapplications.barnsley.gov.uk/PlanningExplorerMVC/Home/ApplicationDetails?planningApplicationNumber=2020%2F0647