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Hoyland West Consultation – Response from BMBC


Joe Jenkinson, Head of Planning. has responded to our email of 25/06/20 re the potential closing of Tankersley Lane.

“Thanks Dennis.

We’ll feed this in. There will be another opportunity for people to have their say as the planning applications have landed for the proposed Hermes development and associated infrastructure. I’ll ensure that the PC are notified as well as anyone that has made representation regarding Tankersley Lane (this should hopefully happen back end of the week).

The submitted details show it remaining open up until the new spine road but closed to the east (see attached). The applications have arrived quicker than we anticipated but we have been able to review much of the feedback from the consultation and there was a clear desire to retain the connection between Tankersley and Pilley though to Hoyland Common. As submitted, the applications will enable this to remain albeit there would be a slight detour up or down the link road to travel east. Our Highways Officers have considered whether it would be possible to keep Tankersley Lane fully open with a crossroad junction where it would meet the new road but this would result in a conflicting manoeuvres. A roundabout would also not be suitable because this would reduce the attractiveness of the new spine road as an alternative to travelling through the Hoyland Common crossroads. We also need to consider the amenity of residents on Tankersley Lane who will be most directly affected by the development proposals.

Given the applications have only just land, colleague in Highways have not yet had chance to appraise all details within them. Accordingly, there is still a possibility things could change but I felt it important to give you a heads up re: the applications and the current rationale for the Tankersley Lane “T junction” (as opposed to a crossroad junction).


Joe Jenkinson

Head of Planning & Building Control

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Westgate Plaza

S70 2DR”