Playing Fields across from Lidgett Lane

BMBC parks dept are allowing Avant homes access and some work across the playing field we have down Lidgett Lane. They have secured some funding in compensation and BMBC will purchase approx 50 extra heavy standard trees onto the site. The Parish Council has expressed its concern to BMBC about losing trees on Pilley Green […]

Planning application 2020/0647: Hermes site: unable to appeal on web site

Many residents have had difficulty responding / appealing to the Hermes planning application 2020/0647. Currently the developer is to build a T junction on Tankersley Lane allowing industrial traffic access to our area and blocking our direct access to the common. BMBC offered an “AHEAD ONLY” solution “straight through only” traffic light controlled crossroads enabling […]

Hoyland West Consultation – Response from BMBC

HOYLAND WEST CONSULTATION – RESPONSE FROM BMBC Joe Jenkinson, Head of Planning. has responded to our email of 25/06/20 re the potential closing of Tankersley Lane.  “Thanks Dennis. We’ll feed this in. There will be another opportunity for people to have their say as the planning applications have landed for the proposed Hermes development […]

Hoyland West – latest actions taken by Parish Council

The Parish Council has been continuing to liaise with Barnsley MBC and other stakeholders regarding the Hoyland West Master Plan issue. The Parish Council has taken the following actions in Response to the Proposed Partial Closure of Tankersley Lane by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC): A component part of the BMBC Hoyland West Masterplan and […]

Remote Parish Council Meeting on 19th April 2021 at 7pm

A Government amendment to the legislation regulating the meetings of local councils, has provided Parish Councils with the the option to meet remotely during the Coronavirus lockdown.The Parish Council will be holding a Parish Council Meeting via video conference, therefore, on Monday 19th April 2021. Further details of how to join the meeting will be […]

Children’s Christmas Party Cancelled

The Parish Council has taken the decision to cancel the annual Children’s Christmas Party this year (2020) because of Covid-19. The Parish Council are disappointed that it has had to make this decision but it wants to make sure its residents keep safe and well. The Parish Council are looking to invest the money it […]

Tankersley Parish Plan

Tankersley Parish Council worked alongside residents to gather their views on community issues and opinions regarding topics such as housing and development, crime and policing, public services, roads and the local environment. Resident responses were collated and their views have allowed the Parish Council to develop a summary document, to be used to better the […]

History of Tankersley and the Old Hall

Tankeresleia was an 1800 acre Lordship and was held prior to the Norman Conquest by Ledwin; a Saxon Lord.  William the Conqueror deprived Ledwin of his Lands, and gave the land to Earl Meriton (or Moreton) and it passed down several generations and passed to a family who assumed the name “de Tankersley”. During the […]

Wharncliffe Silkstone Colliery ~ Pilley Pit

Geoff Parkin recalls Pilley as it was, when the Colliery was open My early recollections of Pilley Pit were in the late 1940’s.  The Pit was Pilley and Pilley was the Pit.  Life revolved around it and it seemed at the time that this was the boundary of the world. The most dominant feature of the Pit […]