Home Useful Information and Contact Details

This section of the website provides contact information which residents may find useful.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
SYFR offer support to residents in ensuring their homes are safe and at minimal risk from fire. The service also provide Home Safety checks. Residents can request a home visit from the service by contacting them on the details provided below.

Telephone: 0114 253 2314
Email: cfsadmin@syfire.gov.uk
Website: http://www.syfire.gov.uk/homesafetybasics.asp

BMBC – Dog Warden
If you find or take possession of a lost/straying dog and you cannot immediately re-unite it with its owner it is your legal duty to report it to the Dog Warden Service straight away. Failure to report it could result in prosecution. If a dog is aggressive, or causing a traffic hazard, outside of office hours, you are advised to contact the police.If a dog is injured you are advised to contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

Main Telephone: 01226 772468
Out of Hours contact: 07979 414483

Community Safety and Enforcement Service – Dog Fouling
These contact details can be used to report dog fouling offences. This service is not a clean up service, however, it allows residents to report people not picking up after their dog. Residents can provide times and days of the week where offenders have been noted, and this information will then be passed to Enforcement Officers for action.

Telephone: 01226 772468
Email: safer@barnsley.gov.uk

Community Safety and Enforcement Service – Fly Tipping
Residents wishing to report fly tipping can do so my contacting the Community Safety and Enforcement Team or Hoyland Safer Neighbourhoods Team. Residents are urged not to remove waste from site, as this can hinder future chances of prosecution against those responsible. By contacting either of these groups, an Enforcement Officer will visit the site, collect any evidence, and arrange for its removal.

Community Safety and Enforcement Service;
Telephone: 01226 772468
Email: safer@barnsley.gov.uk

Safer Neighbourhoods Team;
Telephone: 01226 736490
Email: hoylandsnt@southyorks.pnn.police.uk

Hoyland Safer Neighbourhoods Team
The Hoyland Safer Neighbourhoods Team cover the Parish of Tankersley, and can assist residents with matters requiring Police support. As well as being contactable via the details above, incidents requiring Police involvement can be reported by calling 101. Remember, always dial 999 in an emergency.

BMBC Highways – Road Maintenance
If residents wish to report pot holes or other road defects, BMBC Highways are responsible for all roads throughout the borough, with the exception of motorways and trunk roads. Street Inspectors regularly inspect the boroughs roads and monitor existing defects, arranging repairs for those fitting the necessary criteria.

Telephone: 01226 773555
Email: roads@barnsley.gov.uk

BMBC – Waste and Recycling
There have been a number of changes to the household waste collection service throughout the borough recently. Residents unsure of when their bins are to be collected, can follow the link below and enter their postcode, to be provided with future collection dates. Residents wishing to order new bins or discuss any other issues regarding waste management, can contact BMBC by using the details below.

Telephone: 01226 772045
Email: wastemanagement@barnsley.gov.uk
Website: www.barnsley.gov.uk/services/environment-and-planning/waste-and-recycling/recycling-in-barnsley/recycling-waste-collection