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UPDATE 27.5.2017
The Parish Council have been advised that the planning application was approved, at the planning regulatory board meeting, held on the 23rd May.

The Parish Council are very disappointed that the numerous concerns of residents have not resulted in the refusal of the plans in their current format.

Whilst Councillors acknowledged that this area had previously been approved for development, it was hoped that the Planning Department at BMBC, and the developers, would take on board local knowledge and opinion, to allow for a sympathetic and fitting development of the site.

Any further information will be shared as it is received.


PREVIOUS UPDATE – Pilley Green/Lidgett Lane development 2016/1308

Amended plans have been submitted to Barnsley Council for this site.

Those neighbouring residents who have been consulted were given a two week deadline ending on the 27th April.

Due to the Easter holidays, many residents didn’t receive notification letters until the 20th April (a week after they were sent), effectively shortening the consultation period to only a week.

The Parish Council raised this issue as a major concern with the Planning Department, who have agreed to extend the consultation period until the 9th May.

There are very few changes to the plans since the last submission;
– The number of properties have reduced from 54 to 48, resulting in a slight layout change.
– Access to the apartment block has been amended.

The updated plans can be found via the following link;
Planning Application 2016/1308

Residents are urged to take part in the consultation, expressing their concerns and objections. (Please be aware that all adults above 18 years of age in a property can submit a seperate objection.)

These plans are expected to go before the planning regulatory board to be held on the 23rd May, and the Parish Council will update residents further as soon as any information becomes available.