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The Parish Council have received the amended planning documentation for the housing development to be constructed off Lidgett Lane and New Road.

As outline planning has been agreed, the Parish Council have now been asked to consider the proposal of 56 homes (rather than the initial 41 agreed), and to make comment regarding the site and layout.

At the next Parish Council meeting, Councillors will discuss access routes, the consistent flooding to New Road, traffic throughout the Parish and around the school, and school capacity, as well as the layout of houses on the land. Although the plans show an increase in the number of properties, the proposed number is actually almost half the Barnsley Council agreed housing quota for such a site.

Residents are welcome to attend the Parish Council meeting, however if they wish to comment or object, this information must be submitted directly to Barnsley Council, prior to the 9th September. The Parish Council have a slight extension to this date, to allow all Councillors to discuss this at the next Parish Council meeting on the 19th September.

Councillors are keen to encourage residents to contact the Clerk with their comments, which will be included in the meeting discussions, however they wish to make residents aware that their attendance at the meeting will only add to the Parish Council’s commentary, and the opportunity for their own views to be counted (as an individual) will have passed by this point. If the Parish Council are to object on any points, this will only count as a single objection.

If residents wish to forward comments to the Clerk, they can message via Facebook, or email directly on clerk@tankersleypc.org

The original outline application can be found here;

Application 2013/1007 – Land off Lidgett Lane/ New Road, Tankersley

The variation application can be found here;

Application 2016/0952 – Variation of application 2013/1007, Land off Lidgett Lane/ New Road, Tankersley