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This section of the website will be used to share the Parish Councils financial information, as well as any official policies and procedures the Council will adhere to.


Accounts – 2012/13

Accounts – 2013/14

Accounts – 2014/15

Accounts – 2015/16

Accounts – 2016/17

Tankersley Parish Council Structure & Responsibilities

Policies and Procedures

Employers Liability Insurance

Standing Orders

Model Financial Regulations

Guidance for the Recordings of Meetings

Tankersley Parish Council Grant Aid


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UPDATE 27.5.2017 The Parish Council have been advised that the planning application was approved, at the planning regulatory board meeting, held on the 23rd May. The...

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Further to the reports received last week, regarding the closure of Lidgett Lane by Yorkshire Water, the Parish Council have today received information which...

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The Parish Council organise the Annual Meeting of the Parish each year. This event allows residents to meet to discuss local activities, actions and developments,...