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The reserved matters application for the New Road/Lidgett Lane site went before the Planning Regulatory Board on the 21st March.

Details of the plans are available on the Barnsley Council website;

Application 2016/1027, New Road/Lidgett Lane

A reserved matters application outlines the developers plans in regards to house style, and is a final stage of the application process, following on from when outline planning permission has been previously approved.

The Parish Council made objections and comments to several points within this application, ranging from property design, to the planning reports comments in relation to section 106 funds and water management.

The Parish Council have been advised that despite their concerns, the reserved matters application was passed by the planning regulatory board.

As yet there are no details with regards to proposed start dates for building on the site, however the Parish Council will continue to update residents, as and when any information becomes available.

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The Parish Council have organized another Community Clear Up Day, after the success of previous events.

Residents are asked to meet at Tankersley Welfare Hall from 10.30am, where they will be provided with equipment and hi-visibility jackets, and clear up areas will be agreed upon.

Any amount of time volunteers can provide is appreciated.

Please come and join Councillors and neighbours, to help maintain our beautiful Parish.

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The Parish Council organise the Annual Meeting of the Parish each year.

This event allows residents to meet to discuss local activities, actions and developments, with those agencies involved with the community.

This year’s meeting will take place on Monday 13th March 2017 at Tankersley Welfare Hall.

All residents are welcome to attend.

The meeting agenda can be found below, along with draft minutes of the 2016 meeting.


Minutes – APM March ’16

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Barnsley Council are working along Carr Lane to open up the footpath in an attempt to dry this out and make it useable year round.

Volunteers are also working on a hedgerow development scheme, to run alongside the footpath and protect walkers from traffic.

Works are taking place in March, with the first day running on the 2nd March, and will be continued in Autumn.

Residents are welcome to take part and learn new skills, and are asked to contact Sarah Ford of Barnsley Council if interested. (Tel 01226 772696)

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The Parish Council have been notified by Yorkshire Water of planned improvement works in the area.
Below is the information included in a letter, which has been sent to all neighbouring properties, by Yorkshire Water.

Improvements at Tankersley Waste Water Treatment Works

I am writing to let you know about some upcoming improvement works which will begin in the new year at Tankersley Waste Water Treatment Works. The work, which will see over £4m invested in the site, will improve the quality of the treatment on site, helping to ensure we meet our obligations to protect the environment. The work will be carried out by our contract partners AGT and is due to begin on 16 January 2017. The whole project will take around 12 months to complete.

Whilst the work is being carried out you may notice additional traffic accessing the site. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. In order to reduce disruption we are looking to limit construction traffic to between 9.30am and 2.30pm, however there may be occasions when we need to access the site outside of these times.

Access to the site will be via Lidgett Lane and past Knoll Cottages. As the junction of the access road and Lidgett Lane has limited visibility we have agreed with the Council’s highways department that temporary three way traffic lights will be installed to ensure the safety of people using the road. We expect that this traffic management will need to be in place for around 8 months of the project.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst we carry out this essential improvement work. If you have any queries regarding this work please contact our Customer Service Team on 0344 848 1099 (Monday to Thursday 8am to 5.30pm and 8am to 5pm on Friday). Please note that over the Christmas and New Year period our phone line will be closed from 12.30pm on Friday 23 December until 8am on Tuesday 3 January. If you need to speak to someone urgently please call our Contact Centre on 0345 1 24 24 24, this is available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

The Parish Council have been advised by the BMBC Planning Officer involved with this application, that there are a number of issues with the submitted plans and as such, amendments are being sought. Therefore the current deadline for objections of the 1st December is no longer applicable.
Once these amendments are received, all those consulted previously will be contacted again to advise that the new documents are available, and a new 14 day consultation period will begin.

Due to the timescale regarding the resubmission of these documents not being known, Parish Councillors have decided to go ahead with the resident meeting, to allow general concerns to be discussed along with recommendations for objection points.

The resident meeting will take place at Tankersley Welfare Hall on Friday 9th December, from 7pm.

The existing documentation will be available to view.

The Parish Council will continually updated both the website and social media, as and when additional information becomes available.

The Parish Council discussed this application at their meeting yesterday evening and share the many concerns of residents.

All Councillors were in agreement that an extension to the current deadline should be requested, with the aim of holding a public meeting to allow objections to be planned.
The request to extend the deadline has been sent to the relevant planning officer at Barnsley Council, and the result of this request will be shared as soon as it is known, with further details of a public meeting if time allows.

Residents are welcome to submit objections to Barnsley Council immediately if they wish.

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Preparations are under way for this years Children’s Christmas Parties, and tickets will be distributed via St. Peter’s School.

Any children who live within the Parish but don’t attend the school and would like to come join the fun are very welcome.

The Parish Council are happy to reserve a ticket for collection on the night, if parents forward their details to the Clerk beforehand.


This year the annual bonfire will take place on Saturday 5th November.

The Bonfire will be lit at 6.45pm, with the fireworks due to begin at 7.30pm.

As in previous years, the Community Association will provide refreshments from inside the Welfare Hall, from 6pm.

The bonfire would not be possible without the support of volunteers, and as in previous years, the Parish Council needs your help!

A volunteer meeting has been arranged for Thursday 20th October, beginning at 7pm in the Welfare Hall. Anyone who can help out preparing for the Bonfire or marshal on the night, is asked to attend, to allow Councillors to assign duties and ensure that the event can go ahead safely.

If you would like to volunteer but are unable to attend the meeting, please contact the Clerk via email clerk@tankersleypc.org.

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The Parish Council have received the amended planning documentation for the housing development to be constructed off Lidgett Lane and New Road.

As outline planning has been agreed, the Parish Council have now been asked to consider the proposal of 56 homes (rather than the initial 41 agreed), and to make comment regarding the site and layout.

At the next Parish Council meeting, Councillors will discuss access routes, the consistent flooding to New Road, traffic throughout the Parish and around the school, and school capacity, as well as the layout of houses on the land. Although the plans show an increase in the number of properties, the proposed number is actually almost half the Barnsley Council agreed housing quota for such a site.

Residents are welcome to attend the Parish Council meeting, however if they wish to comment or object, this information must be submitted directly to Barnsley Council, prior to the 9th September. The Parish Council have a slight extension to this date, to allow all Councillors to discuss this at the next Parish Council meeting on the 19th September.

Councillors are keen to encourage residents to contact the Clerk with their comments, which will be included in the meeting discussions, however they wish to make residents aware that their attendance at the meeting will only add to the Parish Council’s commentary, and the opportunity for their own views to be counted (as an individual) will have passed by this point. If the Parish Council are to object on any points, this will only count as a single objection.

If residents wish to forward comments to the Clerk, they can message via Facebook, or email directly on clerk@tankersleypc.org

The original outline application can be found here;

Application 2013/1007 – Land off Lidgett Lane/ New Road, Tankersley

The variation application can be found here;

Application 2016/0952 – Variation of application 2013/1007, Land off Lidgett Lane/ New Road, Tankersley

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UPDATE – 2nd September 2016

The Parish Council have just been informed that Pilley Lane will be closed from Monday 12th September for approximately 1 week only.

15th August 2016

The Parish Council have today been notified of the planned closure of Pilley Lane from next Tuesday (23rd), for approximately 4 weeks.

Although the entire road will not be closed for the full duration, it is advisable to use alternative routes until the planned end date of 20th September.

This road closure is to allow resurfacing works to take place. The following diagram shows the area to be affected;

Pilley Lane closure 23-08-16

Any further updates will be shared once received.