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The Parish Council are working alongside the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership, to promote events, which allow residents to explore our local landscape.

On Friday 1st June, there will be a ‘Woodland Wildflowers’ event taking place from 2-4pm, in Broad Ings Woodland.

All are welcome to attend this free event, however those planning to attend, are asked to confirm their place with the organisers (details included on the flyer)

Broad Ings Woodland Wildflowers poster

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The Parish Council are working alongside the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership, to promote events, which allow residents to explore our local landscape.

On Thursday 31st May, there will be a ‘Bird & Bat Walk’ taking place from 8-10pm, in Broad Ings Woodland.

All are welcome to attend this free event, however those planning to attend, are asked to confirm their place with the organisers (details included on the flyer)

Broad Ings Bird and Bat Walk poster

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Local volunteers have shown how hard work, and community spirit, can transform our Parish.

Previously the verge was overgrown with a variety of shrubs and weeds, and as one of the main entrance routes into the Parish, didn’t appear particularly welcoming.

Residents local to this area decided to take it upon themselves to work together and clear the verge, replacing weeds with plants, and vastly improving the initial impression of visitors to the village.

Any residents interested in carrying out similar work, are encouraged to contact Tankersley and Pilley Environmental Group (TPEG), who work throughout the Parish on similar projects, year round.


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Highways England are currently running a consultation event, with regard to their plans to improve major routes within our vicinity.

A consultation event will take place on Monday 5th March at Tankersley Welfare Hall, allowing residents to view plans and raise any questions with Highways England representatives.

The event will run from 12noon to 6pm, and will cover the previously proposed works on Tankersley A616 roundabout, and the suggested new route through to Manchester.

Anyone unable to attend, can submit their comments via the online consultation.

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Each year, the Parish Council organise the Annual Meeting of the Parish. This is a local event to allow residents to discuss their community, and take the opportunity to share any suggestions, issues or concerns they may have. This years meeting is on the 12th March. The Parish Council will discuss their actions over the last 12 months, and possible investment in the community, as a result of Section 106 funding, from the two development sites in Pilley.

The agenda for this meeting, including agendas and minutes from previous years, can be found via the following link;

Tankersley Parish Annual Meetings

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The Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership (DVLP) is working with the Parish Council, Barnsley Council and other partners, to plan the future management of Broad Ings Wood and Potter Hills Plantation.

DVLP are holding a community consultation event to seek resident views regarding the woodland and its uses. The event which will include a short guided tour of the woodland, to allow residents to look at the work carried out on site by local youth groups, as well as to discuss proposed future plans.

Any residents wishing to take part can join the event on Thursday 8th February, 2-6pm at Tankersley Welfare Hall.

Alternatively, if residents cant attend, they can email their views & thoughts to Gordon.haycock@haycockandjay.co.uk

Please see the poster attached for further information.

Broad Ings_ Potter Holes consultation event Feb 2018

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The Parish Council have been advised by Barnsley Council, that Hermit Hill Lane/Pilley Hills, will be closed from 5 February 2018 for approximately two days.

This closure will be in place to allow the removal of a dangerous tree.

BMBC have advised that the suggested alternative route will be;

Cliff Common Lane/Gudgeon Hole Lane/Stainborough Lane/Lowe Lane/Round Green Lane/Rockley Lane/Pilley Lane/Chapel Road; 2. Chapel Road/Pilley Green/Carr Lane/Westwood Lane/Storrs Lane/Cross Lane/Pea Field Lane/Howbrook Lane/Sheffield Road/Halifax Road

Hermit Hill Closure

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The Parish Council have been advised that Barnsley Council plan to put closures in place on Church Lane, between Tankersley Lane and Tankersley Manor.

These closures will run for a period of six weeks, commencing on the 22nd January. A full road closure is only expected for two of these weeks.

Closure of the road is to allow works to reduce the persistent flooding which take place on the carriageway.

Please refer to the road plan for further details (area of closure is marked in red).


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Preparations are well underway for this years Bonfire.

It’s now less than two weeks to go until this fantastic community event, and volunteers are hard at work, making sure this years Bonfire and firework display are as brilliant as usual!

Due to the continued success of the event, and the ever increasing number of attendee’s, this year the Bonfire will take place on the old football fields, to the rear of the Welfare Hall.

The Parish Council have invested in temporary lighting, to ensure visitors can find their way to the Bonfire site safely, and event barriers will be in place, to make sure everyone stays safe.

As usual, the Annual Bonfire can’t go ahead without the support of volunteers, and the Parish Council would like to ask for help from residents on the morning of the event, to help build the bonfire.

Timings will be published closer to the date, but anyone able to assist is asked to contact the Clerk.

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UPDATE 27.5.2017
The Parish Council have been advised that the planning application was approved, at the planning regulatory board meeting, held on the 23rd May.

The Parish Council are very disappointed that the numerous concerns of residents have not resulted in the refusal of the plans in their current format.

Whilst Councillors acknowledged that this area had previously been approved for development, it was hoped that the Planning Department at BMBC, and the developers, would take on board local knowledge and opinion, to allow for a sympathetic and fitting development of the site.

Any further information will be shared as it is received.


PREVIOUS UPDATE – Pilley Green/Lidgett Lane development 2016/1308

Amended plans have been submitted to Barnsley Council for this site.

Those neighbouring residents who have been consulted were given a two week deadline ending on the 27th April.

Due to the Easter holidays, many residents didn’t receive notification letters until the 20th April (a week after they were sent), effectively shortening the consultation period to only a week.

The Parish Council raised this issue as a major concern with the Planning Department, who have agreed to extend the consultation period until the 9th May.

There are very few changes to the plans since the last submission;
– The number of properties have reduced from 54 to 48, resulting in a slight layout change.
– Access to the apartment block has been amended.

The updated plans can be found via the following link;
Planning Application 2016/1308

Residents are urged to take part in the consultation, expressing their concerns and objections. (Please be aware that all adults above 18 years of age in a property can submit a seperate objection.)

These plans are expected to go before the planning regulatory board to be held on the 23rd May, and the Parish Council will update residents further as soon as any information becomes available.