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The Parish Council will not be holding public meetings for the foreseeable future due to Coronvirus. Measures are being put in place so that the Council can continue dealing with urgent business. The Parish Council can still be contacted via email or telephone.

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Tankersley Parish Council aim to ensure that the needs of all Parishioners are met, and would like to ensure that older residents received the support and services they require.

AGE UK Barnsley manage a befriending service for those older residents who find themselves isolated from the community.

Family members and neighbours can refer such residents to the service, to allow individuals to receive support and companionship in their own home, as well as the option to attend events and clubs throughout the borough.

Below are downloadable information leaflets, as well as referral forms and guidance regarding completing these and eligibility.

Befriending Service Information Download
Befriending Club Leaflet Download
Referral Criteria Download
Referral Form Download


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The Parish Council supports all local projects that aim to maintain the features of the Parish, and one of these groups is TPEG.

David Shearn, member of TPEG asked to share some information regarding the group;

“The group was formed in 2004 by a number of people in the Parish who were concerned to maintain and improve the environment of the two villages. Among the more visible results of our work are the two village stones and the wonderful display of bulbs – daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops – that appear each spring in the Parish. Less obvious, but just as important, is the work we do in woodlands, clearing away saplings, and strimming near the edges of paths to keep them open for walkers.

We also do litter picking on some of the roads on the outskirts of the village.

Our funding comes from a number of sources, including the Parish Council.

To find out more of what we do, and how you might be able to contribute with ideas or a little of your time, do visit the TPEG website via the following link;”

TPEG – Tankersley & Pilley Environmental Group

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The Parish Council have been informed of planned works around Pilley Lane, Pilley Green and Lidgett Lane, Pilley. Also, Bromley Carr Road, Tankersley.

Pilley Lane
30 March — 24 April

Delays unlikely – Some carriageway incursion

Works location: JCT THE WALK TO 48


Pilley Green
30 March — 15 April

Delays unlikely – No carriageway incursion

Works location: JCT LIDGETT LANE


Lidgett Lane
30 March — 01 May

Delays possible – Traffic control (two-way signals)

Works location: WHOLE LENGTH


Bromley Carr Road
30 March — 24 April

Delays unlikely – Some carriageway incursion

Works location: WHOLE LENGTH


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The Clyppings celebrations are due to take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th July. All residents are welcome to attend. Below is an introduction to the celebrations and their meaning, by Councillor Denise Simpkin of the Parish Council.

A Brief History of The Clyppings (Yclepping – embracing the mother church)

The Clyppings is an ancient ceremony, possibly of pagan and Roman origin, of embracing the mother Church. It is generally held on the second Sunday after the 29th of June, St. Peter’s Day, when the people of the parish form a ring around the church and embrace it. As well as embracing the church the people also face outwards towards the community in an act of embracing the community that we serve. This custom was re-established by Canon Archibald Douglas sometime in the 1920’s and although there have been breaks with the tradition; the ceremony was re-introduced by Canon Eric Cox in the 1970’s and has continued regularly since that date.
The whole weekend is a chance for the people of Tankersley and Pilley to meet up for a chat with friends and to embrace the ancient building of Tankersley Church, which has been serving the community since the 11th century. It would be wonderful to see a full church and to meet new and old friends, so please come, all are welcome.

St. Peter’s Church Tankersley with St. Peter’s CofE Primary School – Clyppings Weekend

The Clyppings Garden Party is on Saturday 12th July from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the school. There will be a variety of entertainment including the Shoestring Circus, May pole dancing, activities and games for the children, tombola, bottle stall, bric-a-brac stall, book stall, raffle and lots of delicious cakes and buns to buy. Refreshments will also be available. The Garden Party will be opened by Helen Williams a local reporter from the Barnsley Chronicle.
The Clyppings Service is on Sunday 13th July at 3:00 p.m. There will be a ‘bring and share’ picnic after the service in the church field. The guest speaker is the Rev Judith Jessop, who will also present copies of the Fenn Bibles to a boy and a girl from the school. Our regular choir members will be in attendance and pupils from the school choir will also be singing at the service.

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Tankersley Parish Council worked alongside residents to gather their views on community issues and opinions regarding topics such as housing and development, crime and policing, public services, roads and the local environment.

Resident responses were collated and their views have allowed the Parish Council to develop a summary document, to be used to better the community and support residents within the Parish, while attempting to meet their needs.

Copies of this document are available to download here;
Parish Plan Summary Document

We hope you find the document insightful and comprehensive of our resident opinions.

A review of the progress made on the Parish Plan was undertaken by the Chair of the Parish Council at the Annual Meeting on 2nd March 2020.