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Join the Pilley & Tankersley Neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail

Let’s make the neighbourhood spook-tacular this Halloween with decorations and pumpkins for our children and adults to see on an autumn evening walk, Saturday 31st October.

Prizes* for the best dressed houses! Please take a photo of your outdoor display and submit to the Pilley & Tankersley Community Facebook page for community voting after the event. Prizes will be awarded to three homes with the highest votes.

When on your Halloween walk with children please air on the side of caution, instead of ‘Trick or Treatin’ this year please take sweets along with you and for each pumpkin you see reward your little one with a sweet for their cauldron.

Please adhere to social distancing during your walk.

*Prizes include a meal out for four, a family trip to the cinema and vouchers
Sponsored by Tankersley Parish Council

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Following guidance from the Government and Barnsley MBC, the Parish Council have had to take the sad decision to cancel this year’s bonfire and firework display. I’m sure everyone will appreciate the obvious difficulties given the current restrictions.

The Parish Council at their meeting on 21st September did agree, however, an intention to use the money that would have been allocated to the bonfire event to support a socially distanced community Halloween event.

The Pilley & Tankersley Neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail will take place on the evening of Saturday 31st October, residents of all ages are invited to partake in the event and all participants will be eligible for a prize. There are three prizes which will be allocated on community votes via the Pilley & Tankersley Community Facebook page. Further information to follow.

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We have received the following notification from Barnsley Council:



An order will be made to close Tankersley Lane from Green Lane to No.31 Tankersley Lane, on 25th September 2020 for one day only.

Reason: Make permanent reinstatement

An alternative route is available via: Sheffield Road/A61/Westwood New Road/New Road

PROMOTER: Morrison Utility Services, 0345 1242424

11th September 2020

Matthew Gladstone
Executive Director
Place Directorate
PO Box 609
S70 9FH”

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BMBC parks dept are allowing Avant homes access and some work across the playing field we have down Lidgett Lane.

They have secured some funding in compensation and BMBC will purchase approx 50 extra heavy standard trees onto the site.

The Parish Council has expressed its concern to BMBC about losing trees on Pilley Green associated with the building development work and lobbied to keep this to a minimum, so the commitment to new planting is welcome.

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An order will be made to close the full length of Lidgett Lane, from 21 September 2020 for approximately five days

Reason: gas mains replacement works

An alternative route is available via: Pilley Green/New Road

PROMOTER: tRIIO, telephone: 07525 698401

11 September 2020

Matthew Gladstone
Executive Director
Place Directorate
PO Box 609
S70 9FH

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Many residents have had difficulty responding / appealing to the Hermes planning application 2020/0647.

Currently the developer is to build a T junction on Tankersley Lane allowing industrial traffic access to our area and blocking our direct access to the common.
BMBC offered an “AHEAD ONLY” solution “straight through only” traffic light controlled crossroads enabling control on industrial traffic and access to the common for locals

To have any chance of maintaining what residents voted for (option 2 on briefing communication) then we must write to:


stating we want Tankersley Lane to be maintained open for local traffic and controlled by a straight through traffic light system “Ahead only system”.

See below an email from Barnsley Council advising a parish councillor that You can communicate as advised above.

To get what you asked for needs as many of you to write in TODAY IMMEDIATELY.

Email from Barnsley Council
From: DevelopmentControl & DevelopmentManagement
Subject: RE: 2020/0647 Planning Application Consultation
Date: 25 August 2020 at 09:38:21 BST To:
Good morning
You can submit comments to this email address
Kind regards
Development Management
Regeneration and Culture, Place Directorate Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
PO Box 634 S70 9GG

The link to the application: https://wwwapplications.barnsley.gov.uk/PlanningExplorerMVC/Home/ApplicationDetails?planningApplicationNumber=2020%2F0647

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Each year the smaller authority prepares an Annual Governance and Accountability Return. The return has been published with this notice (see Public Documentation page – Accounts 2019/20). This notice sets out the resident’s rights with regards to being able to inspect and make copies of the return as well as the opportunity to question the appointed auditor and make an objection.

Notice of Public Rights

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Joe Jenkinson, Head of Planning. has responded to our email of 25/06/20 re the potential closing of Tankersley Lane.

“Thanks Dennis.

We’ll feed this in. There will be another opportunity for people to have their say as the planning applications have landed for the proposed Hermes development and associated infrastructure. I’ll ensure that the PC are notified as well as anyone that has made representation regarding Tankersley Lane (this should hopefully happen back end of the week).

The submitted details show it remaining open up until the new spine road but closed to the east (see attached). The applications have arrived quicker than we anticipated but we have been able to review much of the feedback from the consultation and there was a clear desire to retain the connection between Tankersley and Pilley though to Hoyland Common. As submitted, the applications will enable this to remain albeit there would be a slight detour up or down the link road to travel east. Our Highways Officers have considered whether it would be possible to keep Tankersley Lane fully open with a crossroad junction where it would meet the new road but this would result in a conflicting manoeuvres. A roundabout would also not be suitable because this would reduce the attractiveness of the new spine road as an alternative to travelling through the Hoyland Common crossroads. We also need to consider the amenity of residents on Tankersley Lane who will be most directly affected by the development proposals.

Given the applications have only just land, colleague in Highways have not yet had chance to appraise all details within them. Accordingly, there is still a possibility things could change but I felt it important to give you a heads up re: the applications and the current rationale for the Tankersley Lane “T junction” (as opposed to a crossroad junction).


Joe Jenkinson

Head of Planning & Building Control

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Westgate Plaza

S70 2DR”


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The Parish Council circulated a leaflet to establish your opinion on the three proposals for Tankersley Lane as published by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council under their Hoyland West Masterplan.

The research has been collated and forwarded to Joe Jenkinson head of planning at Barnsley Council.
Thank you all for participating and helping us to know your feelings on this action planned by BMBC.

The letter we sent can be viewed by clicking on this link


The top line numbers were recorded by Wednesday:
Leaflets delivered to homes in the parish 732
We asked for your preferred of the three options.
Most allocated a note of their option. Some who did not but made their opinion strongly in comment have been added to that option.

Option 1. 19 6%
Option 2 289 92%
Option 3 5 1%

undetermined 5 1%
Option 1 or 2 = 1
Option 1 or 3 = 1

When we have a reply from Mr Jenkinson we will publish his comments.

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The Spring 2020 Newsletter was distributed throughout the Parish in February. Copies of the newsletter can be requested from the Clerk.

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