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The Parish Council has been informed that the two planning applications regarding the proposed developments in Pilley, will not go before the April Planning Regulatory Board.

It is expected that they will now be consider at the June meeting.

The Parish Council will advise of any further updates, as and when additional information becomes available.

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It was with much disappointment that Tankersley Parish Council were forced to cancel the Annual Bonfire in 2013.

To ensure the event runs safely and residents can enjoy the evening in a secure environment, the Parish Council requires a minimum number of volunteers to be a marshall on the day. Volunteers are also required to assist with the collection of bonfire wood prior to the event.

The Tankersley Annual Bonfire is a popular community occasion and the Parish Council are aware that many residents shared their disappointment when it didn’t go ahead last year, however due to not enough volunteers, the minimum number of marshalls required was not met and the health and safety of those attending could not be guaranteed.

The Bonfire is planned for Saturday 8th November 2014, and the Parish Council are asking for residents to contact the Parish Council if they can assist.

Volunteers will be required on Friday 7th November to assist in the collection of the bonfire wood from local businesses, as well as on the morning of the 8th November to build the bonfire. Volunteers will also be required on the evening of the 8th November to assist with marshalling the event, ensuring resident safety.

If you feel you could provide any time to help the Parish Council in the running of this much loved occasion, please contact the Clerk at tpcclerk@gmail.com and advise which days and times you could attend.

Volunteers will be contacted closer to the date to organise roles and responsibilities.

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Tankersley Parish Council have worked alongside residents to gather their views on community issues and opinions regarding topics such as housing and development, crime and policing, public services, roads and the local environment.

Resident responses have been collated and their views have allowed the Parish Council to develop a summary document, to be used to better the community and support residents within the Parish, while attempting to meet their needs.

Copies of this document have been posted to residents throughout the Parish and is available to download here;
Parish Plan Summary Document

We hope you find the document insightful and comprehensive of our resident opinions.

An open evening will take place on Monday 23rd June, 7pm at Tankersley Welfare Hall, to discuss the findings of the Plan and the next steps to be taken by the Parish Council. All residents are welcome to attend.

The Parish Council welcome feedback, and can be contacted via the website.

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Tankersley Bowling Club operates from the bowling pavilion next to Tankersley Welfare Hall and is inviting residents to join. Lionel Wood of the Bowling Club had the following to say;

“Tankersley Bowling Club is a small but welcoming bowling club situated at the side of the Welfare Hall in Pilley. The club is looking for new members, male or female, young or old, to join and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the camaraderie that exists within the club. £25 per year is the joining fee, which will let you play as often and as long as you want, after 1pm, April to the end of September. The club has the bowls and all you will need to play, so it costs you nothing extra. We also have two teams in the Barnsley Bowling League, for anyone who wants to play competitively, so why not come and join our merry throng. If you are interested and would like to know more please contact Lionel on 01226 740641 or call in at the bowling green most mornings.”

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Each year, the Parish of Tankersley holds an Annual Meeting. The Parish Council would like to promote this event, to ensure it is an opportunity for residents to come together and discuss any ideas or issues they have regarding the Parish.

This years Annual Meeting will be held on Monday 24th March, beginning at 7pm in Tankersley Welfare Hall.

Representatives of Tankersley Parish Council will be in attendance, as well as Local Councillors from BMBC and representatives from the Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team. Residents are encouraged to attend to find out what these organisations have been doing for the Parish over the last year.

Local community organisations are also invited to attend, to share their activities with residents, or to meet potential new members. If you would like your group to be present on the evening, or require further information, please contact the Parish Council Clerk by email at tpcclerk@gmail.com

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From the 3rd March 2014, there are going to be changes to bin collections across the borough.

Some residents will find that their day of collection will change, while others may have a slightly different rota for collection of grey and recycling bins.

For further details on how your waste collection service will be affected, please visit the BMBC website via this link;

BMBC Waste Collection Timetables >

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The Parish Council have been asked to share the following information with residents:

” The Management Committee of Tankersley Community Association wishes to announce that due to low turnouts at its recent Annual Summer Galas, this event has become financially unviable and no longer makes a significant contribution to the monies required for the upkeep, maintenance and utility charges involved in running Tankersley Welfare Hall. Accordingly, the committee regretfully announces there will be no Tankersley Summer Gala in 2014.”

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Tankersley Parish Council would like to congratulate and wish a happy birthday to Mrs Clarice Brooke of Pilley who is 100 years old on 12 December 2013. Hope you enjoy this very special day and here’s to the next 100.

When asked what it feels like to be 100, Mrs Brooke answered no different to 99!